Tuesday Ten: The Trench {Basics III}

1. Mango Trim Trench Coat 
6. Topshop Soft Trench 
8. Topshop Crepe Trench 
10. Zara Double-Breasted Trench  

The trench coat is definitely a piece that everyone should have in their wardrobe! It is a classic and timeless garment that will never go out of style.  Here are ten options to consider if you still haven't found the perfect one to include in your basics (I picked up #2 about a month ago and love it)! 


Café Majestic {Belle Époque}

A visit to the historical Café Majestic is a must when visiting Porto.  It is the ideal place to meet friends on a Sunday afternoon for a (typical portuguese) sweet treat! 

Cafe Majestic
Rua Santa Cantarina, 112 
Porto, Portugal